1. oliver880:

    Soft fleshy round booty

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  7. apprehensivewhore:

    Daddy got me a tail!

    Crystal Delights Coyote, I have the best Daddy ever!

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  9. the-wolf-and-the-fox:

    I spent my afternoon in a similar position for Wolf and our best friend/threesome friend in exchange for what I wanted for food.
    They set an amount of seconds between them that they felt would be adequate payment for what I was wanting…then claimed to have lost track of time enjoying the view.
    Naughty men.
    I love them, though.

  10. the-wolf-and-the-fox:

    Some naughty for your weekend, and to step away from all the sads.

  11. the-wolf-and-the-fox:

    Bent over in bathtubs seems to be the norm for me

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