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    Sliding her finger in that wet pussy at her desk at work.

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    Ebbi from Nubiles

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  6. Happy Friday! Naked morning coffee to start a long weekend…

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    Gym time

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    The beauty of training a female as a fuckpet is seeing the change of perspective in the slut.

    She’s always had that cunt between her legs, always felt the lips start to trickle with wetness when she was about to fuck. But before, she could keep her head, it didn’t consume her in the way it does after training.

    This whore has been properly trained to present its cunt to Master when he orders it to. She was trained to take this position. Told she was a good girl to do so and stroked on the back like a dog to show approval. Soon enough she is not only treated like an animal but becomes a bitch in heat. The simple act of pulling the lips of her cunthole open to present the wetness inside works on her brain like a drug. From that moment on she is no longer a woman having sex, she is a fuckpet with a clouded animalistic mind entirely focussed on cock, cum and pleasing her Master.

    And when her mind returns to her, she knows she lives for those moments of simple all consuming lust and servitude. You can be like this sluts. With the proper training you can lose yourself like never before and become a dripping cum crazed fucktoy for your owner. 

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  11. Lovely Sabrina Dacos, panties down.

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  12. Her dangling labia is so succulent and desirable.

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